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About Our Company

We founded Radical Logistics based on the belief that existing transportation planning software solutions fall short of what is needed to turn around quick and comprehensive analysis.

Our Origin and Vision

Radical Logistics was based on work with top third party logistics providers (3PLs), supply chain consultants, major manufacturers and retailers. While working with these companies (Schneider Logistics, Sears, Siemens, Accenture and FedEx Supply Chain) they used and developed transportation management and planning software on a frequent basis. These experiences helped develop an understanding and expertise relating to the challenges facing today's transportation professional.

Photo of Tractor TrailersThe founders realized that a solution designed and delivered from the ground up was needed to address the handling of thousands of records of historical shipment data usually using multiple modes and carriers. They also knew that a successful application mandated an interface so easy to use that no training should be required.

Our Consulting Experience

Photo of spreadsheets and invoices

Consulting with companies about transportation management and planning needs leverages Radical Logistics expertise. Our revolutionary solutions blend both technology and processes and keep the solutions alive. These engagements bring the development team face-to-face with the real life daily issues facing logistics managers and executives. The experience gained by working closely with representatives from all areas of the logistics market has further enhanced our general industry knowledge.

Our Future

Our Future

Technology alone cannot create a more efficient transportation network. Radical Logistics understands that it takes the combination of new technology and new business processes to vastly improve the transportation environment of companies in today's complex logistics world. Radical Logistics solutions were created from the ground up for transportation specialists, business analysts, managers and consultants. It is a multi-modal, multi-carrier, multi-account transportation analysis tool that delivers on its claim to be easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain. Come take a look at us. Come see Radical Logistics...a new perspective on transportation.