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Radical Logistics is Proud to Announce the Release of Radical Tools 4.0

CHICAGO, IL - January 5th, 2009. The latest release of Radical Tools is a major rewrite of version 3.4 and makes an already powerful application both faster, easier to use, better integrated with Excel, and much better positioned for future enhancements. For existing users of Radical Tools, this upgrade provides many new and exciting features.
» Click here for more information on the enhancements from version 3.4.

Screenshot of Cheapest Origin calculations

Radical Tools is a Microsoft Excel Add-In that includes several advanced components: A built-in geocoder, a distance calculator, and a highly advanced rating engine with built-in LTL and small package tariffs. The combination of these components, the tight integration into Excel, and the incredible performance of well over 100,000 calculations per second of Radical Tools formulas is what makes Radical Tools truly unique. Add to this combination the fact that Radical Tools is surprisingly easy to learn and use, and you have something that is truly different - the Radical way!

The combination of many logistics and transportation functions makes it virtually impossible to describe all the possible applications, a few of which include carrier evaluation, mode and carrier selection, bid analysis, accruals, network analysis and simulation, and small package service changes. The wide array of possible applications is reflected in our customer base ranging from Fortune 50 companies like Dell and UPS, to small and large consulting companies, third party logistics companies, wholesaler distributors, transportation companies, and more.

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Radical Tools. For information, including how to get a demo license of Radical Tools 4.0, please contact us.