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Radical TOOLS

Radical Tools is different. At first, it is so easy to use that it appears deceptively simple, but the software provides so much capability and flexibility that it will continue to surprise and grow with you. Radical Tools enables you to do a quick five-minute impact analysis of moving a facility or changing a carrier. Yet, it is powerful enough to allow you to build complex multi-year supply chain simulation models. An application that is surprisingly easy to use, yet extremely powerful and providing unprecedented flexibility that is different the Radical way!


With Radical Tools, projects are literally up and running in minutes. You can quickly analyze shipment data by calculated freight costs. Radical Tools includes industry standard rate tables while allowing you to import discounts, custom rates, transit times, capacity constraints and more.


You rely on Microsoft Excel and so do we. By integrating with Excel, Radical Tools makes it easy to import and export data. Included are sample spreadsheets that provide you with a jumpstart on rate analysis, carrier bid analysis and logistics network analysis.

Review thousands of lanes in a matter of seconds. We understand that you face challenging project deadlines. That's why we focused on making these tools fast while providing the level of accuracy you need.


The wide array of possible applications is reflected in our customer base ranging from Fortune 50 companies like Dell and UPS, to large and small consulting companies including Accenture, third party logistics companies, wholesaler distributors, transportation companies and more. Radical Tools provides so much functionality and flexibility that it is virtually impossible to describe all the applications.

Below are just a few of the things we know Radical Tools has been used for:

Don't rely on the on the success of Radical Tools with companies like Dell, Staples, Ingram Micro, Accenture, and UPS. Find out yourself what makes Radical Tools different. Whether your company is small, medium-sized or a Fortune 100 company, you can increase your profits, minimize your work load and save time with Radical Tools. Contact us for a free trial and do it the Radical way!